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You Had To Be There

by erin on December 10, 2013

I…so.  This past weekend…it just…I…yeah.


My brain has been blown wide open in the best way with all kinds of crazy fun.  This weekend was chock full of firsts.


First, this is the first time I’ve been a part of large gathering of knitters.  Does that make it my first first?  Can I get a ruling on that?  Being in a room with over 150 knitters definitely counts as a gathering.  Watching row upon row of knitters listening and laughing with their hands knitting ceaselessly was a moment I will remember and treasure.  Knitters Gone Wild.  Still Life With Yarn.  Dances With Bobbles.  Yarnovers In The Mist.  There’s Something About Purling.




I’m so used to being the only knitter out somewhere, or maybe in a group of three at most.  Being one among so many was utterly awesome.



Stephanie Pearl-McPhee did not disappoint.  I can’t tell you how many people told me their cheeks hurt from laughing so much.



Another first was the classes.  I was there to be of assistance to Stephanie during the classes, which is to say that, aside from snagging her a cup of coffee, I got to see that this woman has got an Orenberg lace black belt when it comes to knitting.  Her class on knitting for speed and efficiency made my brain light up like a switchboard.  I know of at least a couple of knitters who were moved to saying a heartfelt “oh holy #%$@” when seeing knitting from a different perspective.




The place was crammed with knitters all weekend long.  There were knitters from Chapel Hill and Raleigh and Durham, and from further away as well.  The farthest distance I heard someone travelled was from South Carolina.  I met a few people who’d come from Charlotte.  Have yarn, will travel!


It was delightful to spend hours and hours in one of my favorite places (yes you, Yarns Etc!) and then go out after the store closed in order to eat together and talk more about knitting.  We talked of little else, and it was so refreshing to have people being so enthusiastic about patterns and techniques, fibers and colors.  DJ is still all aflutter about a simple change in how she holds her thumb on one hand and it possibly solving her repetitive stress injuries.


It feels like when you see a really great stand-up comic.  Someone who knows their stuff, tells a great story, engages the audience and doesn’t spell everything out for them, and their comedic timing is flawless.  When you try to tell a few of the best parts of it, it comes out all garbled and not nearly as funny and you might forget the punchline, and then you putter to a stop and say over and over, “it was really really funny” or “that person was hilarious” or, the usual: “you had to be there.”


What was your favorite part about Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s visit?  Do tell!!



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Nik December 10, 2013 at 3:11 pm

I do believe my favorite was when she told the story about getting locked out of her hotel room in her undies. Hilarious!


Patty A. December 10, 2013 at 11:07 pm

My favorite part was all of it! What a fabulous event, start to finish. I am also so impressed with all of you at Yarns Etc. for making this event happen, working out the logistics for the large group gathering, parking, etc., with only 3 weeks planning time.
The Friday night talk was so interesting and entertaining. The class I attended on Saturday was very helpful on techniques.
I liked hearing the historical background and the prevalence of knitting now. Most of all, it was just great to get a chance to meet Stephanie, after thoroughly enjoying her books. 🙂


Rebecca December 11, 2013 at 10:41 am

I think I want Stephanie to be one of my best friends! Her talk was great (educational, thought-provoking, engaging, entertaining) and her willingness to share some embarrassing moments so we could laugh even more was really game of her. She’s awesome!


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