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You Can’t Escape Math

by erin on August 28, 2015

Man, has it been a week!


My oldest went back to school (can I get an AMEN?) and my daughter will go back in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve been up on campus myself, studying Chemistry (which is code for “being stunned by Chemistry”) and actually enjoying myself in my Pre-Calculus Algebra class (words I never thought I’d utter in my life, but my teacher is the bomb).  It has been a hectic week, and every chance I get, I’ve been reaching for my I Want That Wrap knitting project, because it’s the perfect balance of largish weight wool (worsted) and easy pattern and Deadline Knitting (Christmas is coming, yo).  People have come up to me and complimented my knitting and asked what I’m making.  A couple more people have implied they’d really like one as well (perhaps in time for Christmas?).  It hasn’t been blocked out or anything, so it looks like nothing so much as a really wide scarf.




I would photograph outside today, except I’m capping off a busy week with a stomach bug.  Yuck.

But I did get to thinking about my pattern as I was knitting along mindlessly (emphasis on mindless).  If my wrap needs to be 62 inches long, and I’ve knit up 14.25 inches in gray and another 14.25 inches in deep red, and I’m on ecru, and cruising along, and I know I want to go back through red and gray in the same amounts, and a train is leaving Chattanooga at 55 mph, when will Mary’s pie be baked in her oven?


Ugh.  Math.  Sometimes, when faced with a word problem, it helps to draw a picture.




So, 14.25 inches (gray) + 14.25 inches (red) + ecru (? inches) + 14.25 inches (gray) + 14.25 inches (red)=62″


Turns out I needed to have only knit 5 inches in ecru before reaching for the red again.


I didn’t see that coming.  Because, math, man.  Math.




This knitting mindlessly knit another 14.25 inches of ecru.  Which means this knitter will be doing some frogging.  In between cups of weak tea and the hopes of some dry toast (am I wrong for hoping I maybe gave it to my Chemistry teacher?), I will be doing some subtracting on my knitting today.


I hope you all have an excellent weekend and I will catch you next time!  Wash your hands–there are some funky bugs out there that will mess up your knitting time!

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Rita October 23, 2015 at 10:30 pm

Good Evening,

I would LOVE to your finished project. I too hope to knit this someday. What color is ecru?

What yarn, stitches and needles are you using?

Thank You.


erin October 29, 2015 at 7:55 pm

This is a pattern by Carolyn Kinghorn, named “I Want That Wrap.” You can find it on Ravelry. The ecru is the cream color, and the yarn is all 100% wool made by Cascade 220. I am knitting it up on a US 9 needle. Hope that helps and happy knitting!


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