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The Uh Oh Before The Storm

by erin on December 22, 2015

I am still knitting.  I am going to ignore that box on the calendar that has a “25” on it, and just keep cracking away at my list, and realize that the people I’m knitting for know that this stuff takes time, and time’s been a little scarce.  Right now I’m sitting alone downstairs by the tree on the longest night of the year, and, aside from hacking up a lung, I’m in good spirits.


This was not necessarily the case yesterday, when I was knitting, teeth gritted, last night and kept squinting at my knitting, wondering why the second mitten I was working on did not look like an identical twin to its mate.  Fraternal, yes.  Identical, no.  But why?  Can you see it?




Turns out that I knit the cuff completely opposite from the first one (d’oh), and on the first mitten, I knit with the green and white yarns in opposite hand (d’oh number two).  That is why it looks similar, but not the same. Excellent example of tension differences between dominant and non dominant hands, yo.  I made the connection and started moaning when I realized that, to make it look “right” and “perfect”, I would have to frog the whole thing and start over.  Factoring in that this present is meant for Cincinnati, and I will already have to camp out at the Post Office in order to send this off in the fond hope that it might get there on the 26th, IF I DIDN’T TURN BACK AND FROG IT, THAT IS. I had a moment where my son came over and perched on the couch next to me, and murmured, “Mommy, what are you talking about?  It looks perfect.”


My boy said it so nicely, and was so concerned that I was whining about a mitten, that I almost got teary.  And I realized that I’m not making masterpieces, and the only one putting pressure on me is myself.  That’s well and fine if it’s for fun, and to challenge myself, but hardly necessary if it’s making me want to cry into a freaking mitten.


I’m looking forward to the the glee and anticipation my kids will have as we get closer to Christmas.  I’m looking forward to Cincinnati Chili night on Christmas Eve and watching “A Christmas Story” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.  I’m excited about our new tradition of staying in our jammies all day on Christmas, but eating off the good plates anyway.  I’m still excited about the Christmas knitting, but I’m not going to get OVER excited about it, however.


Of course, I may be saying that right now in a haze of cold medicine products, smeared with Vicks VapoRub (I freaking love that stuff) and suffering from oxygen deprivation from my asthma flaring up, but I’m feeling positive.  The oops before the storm turned out to be the shift in my perspective that I needed.


I hope you all have a happy/peaceful/serene perspective about the holidays going on.  Except without the cold medicine.  Love you all and have a wonderful week!



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