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Spring Break

by erin on April 1, 2014

We’re in the thick of Spring Break here at home, but I finished the mitered square blanket.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  April Fools!  Shuh, this is me, the addlebrained knitter, you’re talking about.  I did wash and block the squares.  That was fun and rather satisfying.  It’s always enjoyable to block a knit.





Since it is Spring Break, my knitting has been peppered with short, brainless hand knits that I can stop mid-row (in order to break up brawls between the small people in my house) and pick back up again (while they’re busy eating the approximately 487 meals a day that they require).  There’s nothing like a classic bit of dishcloth knitting to make me appreciate my knitterly roots.  All hail the dishcloth!


Behold my new dishcloths on my new STOVE. Yay!


But, at night, when the tinies are unconscious, I get to break out my one true love.  My garter stitch, stripey, slipped stitch-y true love.  I had one brave guesser (one!) from the last post who wondered if I was knitting Catkin.  I seriously considered it, but once I saw this one, I had to go for it.  Behold my budding Bettter Together shawl.



When MadTosh came in last time, I saw these two colors together and immediately hit up Ravelry to search for a great pattern to show them off.  After my Color Affection craze from a while back, I know I’m a sucker for garter stitch stripes.  This shawl takes it up to eleven by including some slipped stitches that are superimposed over the stripes, and I’m totally loving this.  Love the yarn, love the pattern, love the way it’s turning out.  Observe:


See the cluster stitch detail in the Glazed Pecan (golden brown) color?


So, my kids are pounding on the closet door where I’m hiding in the dark, frantically typing this blog post.  I have to get back to the mines, but I’ll see you next time, and hopefully I’ll be permitted time to knit for good behavior (mine).  What’s on your needles that’s thrilling you right now?

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NTDeej April 1, 2014 at 2:06 pm

That is a gorgeous color combo. I love it! Forgive me for being a doubting Thomas. I was wrong wrong wrong!


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