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by erin on April 28, 2015

Um.  The semester is almost over.  I have a speech to give on Saturday, and a presentation due the Wednesday after that.  Also two exams.  I’m not even going to school full time.  My son’s birthday is coming up, and I’m trying to see if I can figure out how to make his cake look like a submarine (his latest passion).  The Hunt For Red (Velvet ) October.  I’m also recovering from another thing I caught in my throat where there’s white spots but it’s not strep.


In other words, I have had not much time for knitting.  Barely any.  Correction–any cool knitting, like a pair of socks or a scarf or something to wear.


And I’m still obsessively knitting the dishcloths from last week.  Here is my current pile of cotton coping mechanisms:



And not just dishcloths, but a few napkins for the dinner table as well.



I’m not sure where I’m finding the time to knit these things, either.  They just keep popping off my needles.  And then I cast on another one immediately.  It’s ridiculous.  I can’t not knit.  Even at the end of the semester.  I guess it’s better than binge watching something on Netflix, but it certainly smacks of procrastination.


I just have to keep knitting these things my nose to the grindstone until May 9.  Then I can knit something else.  Anything else!


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