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Pounding My Head Into The Carpet

by erin on April 13, 2016

There are times when I feel I have enough command of the English language to communicate effectively with others.  Then I end up spouting off all manner of words that make no sense, usually while trying to explain something to my kids (or better yet/worse yet, my husband), and the looks they give me make me want to pound my head into the carpet.  Uuuuuugh.


There are times when I feel like I have enough command of knitting to be able to make things, and make them in a reasonably skilled manner.  And then I do something stupid, for which I forgive myself.  However, when I do it twice, then I want to (again) pound my head into the carpet.


I really like the Stripes Gone Crazy cardigan.  It’s got a great pattern, well-written.  That is, it’s well-written if you actually read the thing.  Which I did do.  Except it’s also color coded, and I dismissed a page as being unnecessary for me since it was blue and I’m knitting up the orange color code size.


Except I couldn’t figure out why two stitch markers suddenly disappeared from the schematic, and was wondering when I was going to be told to put the sleeve stitches on holders for later.


I ripped it back, made an attempt to figure it out on my own (which is a big blinking sign of “HEY THERE DUDE YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF”) but strangely enough, I still didn’t get it right.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Turns out there is a wee, tiny, infinitesimal speck of a paragraph on the blue page that isn’t blue, and has the information on it that I need.  So I need to rip it back again.


I would take a picture of this, but really, who wants to see exploded blue yarn?  I live with the exploded blue yarn and I can hardly bring myself to look at it right now.  I’m too busy pounding my head into the carpet.


The final indignity is that, in my desire to do this pattern in an organized matter, I have a pen for checking off each row when it’s completed.  A pen.  I have scribbled over my original checkmarks twice now.  I suppose I could use a pencil for the third time.  Fingers crossed.

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