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Penguins, Pullovers, and Patches

by erin on March 11, 2014

Last week I was minding my business, casually blowing wads of time on Facebook when I saw something was posted to my wall.  “Saw this and thought of you” was the poster’s comment and, lo and behold, there was a penguin wearing a sweater.  It was terrifically cute.  Later on in the day, another person posted the same thing on my wall.  And yet another person posted it to my wall the next day.


My first thought was that these people need to meet more knitters.  I mean, I know loads of knitters.  They’re really friendly, social creatures.  We’re hardly an endangered species.  I can’t have the responsibility of being the sole known knitter amongst my friends from school days gone by.



But I digress (surprise, surprise).  The internet was burning up with people freaking out about the penguins and their deplorable sweater choices.  The “squee”  factor was intense, too.  Who knew that penguins would look so adorable in a sweater?  They’re diabolical in their cuteness.  My childhood friend jokingly tried to guilt me into knitting one for a penguin.  I replied that I refused to be guilted into knitting for a non-mammal on the other side of the globe.  I feel guilty enough not being able to keep up my knitting with the people in my family.

At Yarns Etc on Saturday, I overheard another shopper looking for yarn to knit a penguin sweater.  Mary and I were amazed.  I also had deja vu, because I remembered hearing about this a year or so ago, too.  What gives?  Who is out there shaving penguins or doing whatever it is that requires knitwear for birds???!?  WHO IS KEYSER SOZE?
I returned home and gathered a little information off of the internet.  These sweaters come in handy for penguins who are victims of oil spills.  Some caring person sticks a sweater on them before they are properly washed.  The sweater prevents them from preening their feathers and then getting sick and dying from being poisoned by oil.  At this point, I think we’re all swearing to knit the little ones a bunch of sweaters, and maybe (if you’re like me) you’re thinking about taking a pitchfork to people who spill oil in and on stuff on the Earth.  Including penguins.  I mean, who do you think you are, dude?  It’s a freaking penguin.  What did he ever do to you?

Insert educational picture of penguins here.

Ahem.  So then I see this article, and it talks about how the need first arose way back in 2011.  The center that takes care of the penguins has 1500 sweaters on site and countless more in a storage facility, with more being shipped in all the time.  They are SO covered for this, folks.  Ha ha, sorry to be punny.  Now they are sticking the sweaters on stuffed penguins and using that to raise awareness.  When they run out of stuffed penguins, well, then it’ll get really interesting.  They’re going to start putting them on the horns on giraffes.  Honestly.
No.  Not really.
So feel free to knit a penguin a sweater.  Just don’t take it personally if he doesn’t end up wearing it.
In other news, I’m on the homestretch for my mitered blanket!  I’ve knit three out of four patches that make up the last square on the blanket!  Each “patch” takes me an hour of knitting time, and this sucker has 36 patches on it, and that’s nearly a full time work week before you factor in the seaming (oy) and the border (vey).  Nearly done!  See?  Nearly…
Aw, man.  Apparently squares have FOUR corners.  Son of a motherless goat!  I need to learn how to count.  See you next week!  Knit on!

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Patty A. March 11, 2014 at 10:20 pm

I am glad to know the penguins are covered for the time being….. 😉
My family list is pretty long, too.


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