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Looking A Little Dicey

by erin on April 8, 2014

I love this shawl.




I love it so much.



The stripes…



The slipped stitches that float over the stripes…


The way the blue of the Baltic gleams coolly against the warm glow of the Glazed Pecan, which never fails to make me long for a sweet roll…



The way that the stripes are slowly building, even though my Baltic is disappearing at an alarming rate…


And I’m going to need my Baltic blue yarn for a bit more knitting.  The tension is building.  I did not take time to get gauge, nor did I measure gauge, because (at heart) I am a reckless schmoe that feels like a shawl (or a scarf, or a potholder, for that matter) doesn’t really need its gauge measured.  Seriously, how could it not work out?



See the blue?  I have quite a few more rows to knit.  Alfred Hitchcock would appreciate the anxiety I’m feeling, the slow burn of knitting a few rows and eyeballing the Baltic, trying to do crazy tea-leaf-reading-math to see if it “feels” like I will have enough yarn to finish before the shawl moves on to the entirely Glazed Pecan part.  It’s exquisite, this feeling.  I can’t bring myself to check my gauge at t his point, because I would rather die than frog it and knit it over with a smaller needle.  It’s a merino-coated cliffhanger, my friends.


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