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Knitting and Rock Concerts and Thunderstorms

by erin on June 24, 2015

I had a really exciting weekend last weekend, particularly last Friday night.



I got to go see Hozier at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh with these awesome fellow knitters.



We were so excited!  The weather was looking rather iffy, so I dressed in clothing and brought knitting that I wouldn’t mind getting wet.

Hard core knitters at a rock concert!!



And then a really fierce thunderstorm blew through, and I was really glad I’d only brought dishcloth cotton with me.  I was also really glad that I wasn’t struck by lightning, or run over by the mob that was also exiting the amphitheater because they too did not want to be barbecued for the sake of good music.



Now there is wet and then there is WET and, folks, I was seriously WET.  I could have jumped in the pool and been less saturated with H2O.  I would show you pictures of the three of us, but I somehow don’t think they want me to.  Go figure.


My knitting made it through soaked, but mostly unscathed.  So glad I didn’t bring something crazy like linen or wool.  I can almost smell the wet sheep smell–ew.


In other news, I have already queued up my knitting patterns and yarns for Christmas.  And then I laughed, because I am in school and I am me, and the odds of getting it together for Christmas 2015, even starting in June, are right up there with winning the lottery….without a ticket.  And yet, I persist.


How is everybody’s summer going?  Anything nice on the needles?

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