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I Tried Googling It

by erin on March 14, 2016

I’ve been in love with my Tosh Merino Light this past week, working on my Stripes Gone Crazy sweater.  It’s fingering weight, so it goes without saying that it takes a lot of knitting to make something that will fit a body part, and a lot of stitches to amount to anything appreciable at all.



What I really like about this pattern is that it is extremely well written.  Each row is written clearly, and on the lefthand margin it gives a brief explanation of what the purpose is of each row (sleeve increases, etc) and the righthand margin gives a stitch count, including how many stitches should be between markers.  It is fabulously helpful, and I think atelier alfa did a swell job writing it.  After knitting happily for a few days, I realized that my knitting didn’t really look like I had been knitting very much on it at all.  Small stitches take A LOT to add up to anything, and I kept glancing at the stitch count and wondering how many actually stitches there were.




I got to wondering if anyone had ever really kept count of all  their stitches, not just how many were in a row, or how many to cast on, so I busted out the ever-friendly Google website, and realized that no one talks about this.  I got lots of information about how many stitches to cast on, but if anyone ever kept count of their stitch total, they took that information to the grave with them.  Right now my rows are numbering somewhere between 370-420 stitches (I’m increasing currently), and that’s just one row.  Three rows and I’m at over a thousand stitches knitted.  And three rows of fingering weight isn’t much to look at, am I right?




I think I must have knitted tens of thousands of stitches in this project at this point.  And this is just one project.  I wonder how many I’ve knitted in my lifetime?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  But you can’t Google it!


As an asides, don’t set your center pull skeins on your balcony railing where they might fall off….




You can see the strand of Nebula and my poor squashed skein laying on the mulch (!) where we live.  It was rather delicate getting it back up the stairs without mangling it further or having to cut it.  Oh well, live and learn!

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