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Down The Rabbit Hole

by erin on September 16, 2014

I have said in the past that the Knitting Muse can be rather tricksy.  I thought I’d seen most of the stuff she can toss out.  Missed gauge, ill-fitting knits, sheer ugliness of finished projects, the works.  This latest curve ball is unlike anything I have had experience with before.


I was set to knit the baby blanket out of Knitters’ Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Easy enough, once I got past the fact that I don’t think I will ever EVER be able to do Emily Ocker’s cast on properly.  In fact, I’m tempted to have a little chat with Ms. Ocker if ever I see her in the afterlife.  “Excuse me, but just how the $%@# am I supposed to start knitting like that, I ask you?!?”


I was supposed to knit from the center outward, increasing at four corners every other row.  Using yarn overs, for Pete’s sake.  Easy-peasy.  I was supposed to end up with a square baby blanket.  I have friends who are seconds away from having their first baby, so I went for some Marble Chunky yarn in a beautiful colorway.  A set of US 10.5 double pointed needles and fierce determination to finish.  And finish I did.


My blanket was supposed to look like this.  Square.  With a big X with strong straight lines in the smack dab center of it.




is my blanket.



Um.  What the heck?!?


I tried blocking it, feebly hoping that it would straighten out.



Wha????  Why????  I followed the freaking directions!!!  Why must the Knitting Muse mess with me so?!?  I don’t even know what shape to call that blanket, because the shape HASN’T BEEN INVENTED YET.  And my X of yarn-overs looks like it snuck off to Vegas for a week long bender.  The whole handknit went down the rabbit hole like Alice In Wonderland.


Still scratching my head here.  On the flip side, I accidentally knitted the Op Art blanket.  It’s pretty in a really trippy way.  Just totally not square.  Hardly a straight line to be found in the entire knit.  I bow down before the capricious whims of the Holy Knitting Muse.  Tremble before her in fear, ’cause she is seriously whimsical lately.  You’ve been warned.


On another note, there is a really fun UFO (UnFinished Object) challenge going on at Yarns Etc and Great Yarns.  Bring in your UFO started with yarn you purchased at either store and get your picture taken with it for the “before” gallery.  Finish that project up at home (or at the store during knit/crochet-along hours) and bring it back in for the “after” picture.  Your name is entered into a drawing and prizes will be offered for Most Finished Objects, Biggest Finished Object, Most Challenging Finished Object, and which object receives the most “likes” on FB (finally, FB is important for something!).  Get your knit and crochet on and clean out your UFO bin.  I’m about to get cracking!

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Wynne October 17, 2014 at 11:02 am

May not be what it is supposed to be, but I think I like it better! The “real” one always reminds me of a target.


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