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Done, Done, and Done.

by erin on February 5, 2013

I’m a process knitter.  I took the “quiz“, and I’m comfortable with the fact that I have anywhere between seven and four bajillion projects, all in various states of construction, on various needles (and some on waste yarn, when I’ve gotten desperate to get the needles out of it for something new to cast on).  I couldn’t begin to guess how many projects I have right now ferreted about the house, some in the stash, some in my new baskets on top of my bookshelves (that’s my “public” stash), a couple in each of my purses (which makes a whopping four total right there), and maybe I think I stuck one in the glove compartment in case the car dies on me somewhere and I’m stranded with no knitting…and no working automobile.  I can’t decide which would be worse.  Oh wait, yes I can.  If the car was stranded with me and the kids, that’s a disaster.  Just me by myself = unexpected vacation.


“Why didn’t you call us to come pick you up, Erin?”

“Oh…er…I just…forgot?  I finished a really awesome cabled throw afghan, though.  Isn’t it sweet?  Kept me warm the whole night I was by the side of the road.  I found the nicest twig to use as a cable needle.”


Sorry.  I digressed.  Just now.  That’s sort of my knitting style, too.  Don’t act so surprised (I can totally see through that act, mesdames et messieurs).  I will knit on something passionately for approximately three hours, give or take, all in one go or in chunks.  Then the roving eye happens.


I’m ok with having many unfinished projects floating around my home.  I’ll pick something up, knit on it, set it down, fall back in love with something else, knit on it until I remember why it makes me grind my teeth, put it down, and find something totally awesome to cast on for that I cannot wait another moment to have in my life.  Until.   I…put it down.


Every once in a while, when all nine eight (sorry, Pluto) planets align, something magical happens amongst my knitting.  The four stitches on one thing coordinate with the seventy-two stitches on something else, a bind-off over here, and you get this happy moment:






Thing 1:


This is what I do every single time I put these hats on. Every. single. time. Now my nephews are grossed out. Sorry, guys. Totally the truth. I’m sticking my tongue out every time.


Yet another Lumberjack Hat with my good friend Plymouth Encore Chunky.  This acrylic-bearing yarn will not shred my hands, and for that I am very happy.  This is solid yarn, great for many different types of projects, and of course it’s awesome because it’s machine wash and dryable.  That brings the sum total of Lumberjacks that I’ve brought into the world to two.  I’m still loving this, and seeing it’s potential for (ahem) next Christmas (which is right around the freakin’ corner, I swear!).


Thing 2:



Pleated Ballet Flats by Julie Weisenberger.  Using Cascade Eco + (another favorite of mine) in lovely robin’s egg blue.  My second pair knitted, and I’m forecasting another pair (or two) coming down the pipeline.



I have some really fun hot pink yarn that I’m thinking will be just the thing.  Stay tuned.


Thing 3:


The Age of Brass and Steam.  Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnaval.  It’s de-lovely!




Taking a bath!


All dry and blocked and lovely!


What’s even better about this little shawlette?  I have enough Misti left to knit another one.


As far as Cameo goes, I have finally FINALLY made it to the lace portion.  I did not take a picture of it because I am tired of its neverending ways.  I am halfway through a lace repeat, with something like 24 more rows left to go, before I do the picot-y cast off and close the deal.  I’m so close to finished I can smell it.  If I don’t digress, and I’m already wondering what else I can cast on!  This doesn’t bode well!



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NTDeej February 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

Dang Lady! Talk about productive! I just love finishing something, probably cause I do it so rarely compared to how often I start something.


NTDeej February 5, 2013 at 11:54 am

Oh, as for leftover Misti, I’m picturing cute little mitts, maybe with cables…


Wendy's Boyfriend James February 11, 2013 at 4:46 pm

I have a Cameoesque sweater that’s been a WIP for almost a year now. In the beginning, I was very diligent about finishing one thing before starting something else. that lasted through one (1) scarf and one (1) hat. But then, I started that thing, and nothing was ever to be the same again. At first I was content to churn through row after row of stockinette wasteland, since, well, everything was new and exciting to me at that time. But when it became obvious that I would never, ever be done with “That sweater”, it became the impetus for many other projects. For instance, I completed ALL of the items I was working on for Christmas gifts (including the Shawl Without End) plus a couple of other things by way of Sweater Avoidance. Two knitted chickens based on the Blue Sky Alpaca Knit chickens pattern, plus Bantamime, La Poule Francais, four berets (two of the felted!) three knit caps, two scarves, a deceptively difficult cowl/hood thing, the aforementioned Shawl Without End (Amen, amen) and a psychedelic pony named Madge have all been completed because they were preferable to The Sweater. And there are already plans afoot for my grandson’s birthday present… all in the name of Sweater Avoidance.

So those Cameo-type projects do serve a useful purpose… just not the one you imagined they might.


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