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Deadlines and the Whooshing Sound That Accompanies Them

by erin on September 11, 2015

I really thought I’d be completely done with this wrap last week.  Like, eaaaaarrrrly last week.  I was very confident it wouldn’t take but about 7 seconds after posting my last blog post and I would be binding off on a finished knit, blocking it, and demonstrating it in all its finished glory.  I don’t know that you could call it a deadline more than an arrogant assumption.





In my defense, I did rip out nearly 9 inches of the ecru because of a little math problem I had, and I knit up the rest of the deep red, and am on to the gray.  However, I am not done.  I love the pattern, and have plans to knit another one for Christmas 2015, but in all one color.  Stay tuned.



Granted, I probably would have finished if I didn’t have knitterly ADD and cast on something else.






I can’t get the color to quite come through properly.  This red sock yarn, a label-less survivor of the deeper levels of my stash, is my reward knitting for surviving a few different deadlines this week.  I had my first tests in math and chemistry (and did well–thank merino) and two quizzes as well (also with good marks).  This sock yarn felt like the only thing in the free world that would make me happy, so of course, me being completely averse to postponing casting on a new project while having others waiting patiently for their turn, I wound that sucker up and started a basic sock on my DPNs.  I’ve said it so many times, but I have to stress that a sock makes an incredibly convenient project for on-the-go knitters.  Small, lots of yarn, lots of knitting, lots of enjoyment.


My other, secret project is also buzzing along.  It is now a respectable 32 inches.  I can’t wait for the holidays to be over so I can show you what it is!  Another deadline to beat, I guess!  See you next time!


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