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by erin on December 23, 2014

The knitting has been fierce over here.  The holiday homestretch looms before me, and, finished or not, the race is over.     I successfully combined fitness and knitting this week.  It threw off my speed, but nonetheless, I was brimming with virtue at exercising AND knitting without breaking the treadmill.   I finished the […]


New Yarn and Norwegian Mittens

by erin on November 5, 2013

I was going along last week, minding my own business, when I was felled by a particularly nasty chest cold.  I tried to carry on, but I ended up waving a white flag and crawling into bed where I hacked for a few days in a row. I became very close friends with Vicks VapoRub […]


A Knitter’s Timeline

by erin on December 18, 2012

Early February 2007:  Learn to knit from this book. February 2007:  Learn several different ways of how not to bind off stitches whilst screwing up knitting a purse seven times.  In a row. Still manage to fall head over heels in love with knitting despite grinding my teeth while mucking up my knitting in several […]


It Is On Like Donkey Kong

by erin on November 27, 2012

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?   We sure did.  My son wanted to help in the kitchen, which was very cute and hilarious, since the chopped onions nearby were really bothering him.  He came up with a solution.   Those are my husband’s chemistry lab goggles.  He dug them out of wherever they […]


Start Me Up

by erin on September 11, 2012

Wowee, doesn’t this place look AWESOME? Mary has ventured onto the interwebs, as it were, and given the stores’ website a gorgeous overhaul….what do you guys think of the new digs? All I can think of when I’m tooling around this new space is the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up.”  Seriously, that song has […]


Best Laid Plans

by erin on November 22, 2011

I had this grand plan.  It was so simple.  Aren’t those the two silliest sentences ever uttered/typed?  Every time I get really excited and start hatching a plan, the forces that be start laughing maniacally and get to work.  I had planned on knitting two sleeves to go with the ginormous sweater I’ve been gestating for […]