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I Can Resist Anything Except Temptation

by erin on February 10, 2015

Really delightful yarn has come in again (YET AGAIN!) at Yarns Etc and Great Yarns this past week.  Shall I tempt you?  I believe y’all look like you could do with a little tempting.   Did someone say….Shalimar?   Shalimar Breathless.  420  yards of merino, cashmere, and silk, and the drool of whatever knitter was […]

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It’s Like Magic

by erin on April 19, 2012

When you first finish a knitting project, it can look a little….blah. Of course, what you need is a good blocking.  In a sink or tub, run cold water with some gentle detergent…Euclan is a good choice, and you can find a selection of such things at your local yarn store.  I fill the sink up […]

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I’ve always had a love affair with The Little House on the Prairie books.  There is a portion of me that forgets that I love air conditioning, cars, grocery stores, and avoiding large smelly livestock and yearns to stand around in tall grasses, getting eggs from hens, churning butter, making every meal with pork fat, […]

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