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Lorna’s Laces

Beautiful Friday

by erin on October 23, 2015

It is a truly glorious day out there, and a Friday to boot!  Double win!   I have some things to show, and I tried to use some of that beautiful autumn light to display them to their best advantage.  And then this happened instead:     I am SO keeping these socks for myself!! […]


The Cuteness!

by erin on January 21, 2015

I was all set to post about something else this week, but then the sweetest, most cutest, most adorable thing just came in to the shop.   Everybody, stop everything you’re doing.  Put your needles down.  You need to see this.  Hey-you!  In the back!  I’m talking to you!!   Behold, the cuteness:     […]

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Two Pronged Approach

by erin on October 8, 2013

I’m going to try something new this season.  I know Christmas is 77 days away.  Every year I play mind games with myself, thinking I have loads of time, hence why start knitting now?  Heck, in fact, why don’t I cast on for some kind of stranded knitting sweater knit in fingering weight while I’m […]


A Tale of Two Socks

by erin on October 1, 2013

I’ve just come off of a fantastic weekend.  My mother’s birthday was celebrated, and we snuck my sister in from Chicago to surprise both her and my father.  We are not a family of pranksters, so my folks never saw it coming until my sister was standing in their doorway.  It was wonderful.  And what […]

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Lord Kitchener

by erin on May 7, 2013

I thought today might be a fun day to shake it up, talk about a technique that is used in knitting.  I present to you the valuable skill of grafting, also known as weaving or Kitchener Stitch. Do you know why it’s sometimes called Kitchener stitch?  During World War I, soldier kept getting holes in […]

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Change Is Coming

by erin on April 30, 2013

Can I just start by telling you something that is not knitting-related and is also a little cringeworthy?   I have been…defiled…by birds three times in the past week.   Yep.  Really.     I know.  I’m all up in arms about it.  It’s not like I’m spending all day standing underneath large trees pretending […]

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Lovey Wrap Up

by erin on April 9, 2013

Do you remember, a few posts ago, about the mother who came in to the LYS with her son’s lovey, a cotton blanket, that was having a cascade failure of spectacular proportions?  Does this ring a bell?   I had a reunion with this little blanket a few days ago.  I had stabilized it somewhat, […]