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It Just Got Real

by erin on December 6, 2015

Y’all, we have just entered….The Holidays.  Dunh dunh dunh!!!!!   Hanukkah is starting tonight (oy!), Christmas is in 18 days (I cannot type the words my mind is screaming right now as I look at that), and Kwanzaa is the day after that.  Solstice falls on December 22, and I can’t think of any other […]



by erin on March 4, 2014

So the Olympics ended last weekend.  Like, the one before last weekend.  I know my grip on the space time continuum is a little shaky sometimes so I figured I’d roll with it.  As a knit-blogger, I’m allowed a little leeway on the Olympic reporting.  It’s not like I’m Bob Costas with an eyeball falling […]


A Little Poem

by erin on November 19, 2013

  Listen my knitters and you shall hear Of how we got the Yarn Harlot to come here On the Sixth of December, in Two Thousand Thirteen; She will give us a talk with a witty gleam It makes my knitting self give a cheer! Ok ok ok, so it’s not the Midnight Ride of […]

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Showin’ And Tellin’

by erin on April 2, 2013

  There are so many pictures in this blog post that I am really hoping none of you out there have dial-up.  Be prepared for quite the show-and-tell.   I paid my usual visit to my most favorite, hallowed, lovely place on earth (also known as the LYS) and got whacked fully in the face […]


Done, Done, and Done.

by erin on February 5, 2013

I’m a process knitter.  I took the “quiz“, and I’m comfortable with the fact that I have anywhere between seven and four bajillion projects, all in various states of construction, on various needles (and some on waste yarn, when I’ve gotten desperate to get the needles out of it for something new to cast on). […]


For The Knitter You Love

by erin on December 11, 2012

I’m going to start by saying that I abso-freakin’-lutely loved getting the comments on my last blog post.  Seriously thank you for throwing comments my way.  I know the blog gets read, but when someone comments, it throws a bone this doggie’s way and this doggie says thank yooooooou!   Ok.  Horrible joke there, what […]


It Is On Like Donkey Kong

by erin on November 27, 2012

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?   We sure did.  My son wanted to help in the kitchen, which was very cute and hilarious, since the chopped onions nearby were really bothering him.  He came up with a solution.   Those are my husband’s chemistry lab goggles.  He dug them out of wherever they […]


Quantum Knitting 101

by erin on November 20, 2012

Have you heard of the theory of Infinite Halves?   Maybe it’s not a theory.  Maybe it’s a Law?  Or an Idea?  Or maybe I’m hungry.  I don’t know.   Anyhoo.  This Infinite Halves…concept…is pretty neat to grasp.  You have a distance.  You halve the distance.  Now you have half the distance.  You with me […]


First of Two Parts

by erin on October 9, 2012

Oh.  Mah.  Gosh. I finished my Twenty Ten Cardigan.     I am in love, seriously.  I love all my finished hand knits, really I do, but this may be the very first one where my face didn’t fight to frown at some muck up I hadn’t noticed until I wore it, or where I […]

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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

by erin on October 2, 2012

I have been knitting up a storm, lately.  How about you? I’ve put in about 28 more inches on my striped Noro scarf:     Something I noticed when I last worked on it was this little yarny discrepancy:   Excusez-moi, but if you have two skeins from the same company, with (supposedly) the same […]


Road Trip!!

by erin on August 7, 2012

Wowee, it’s been a year since I first started blogging on here.  Do you know how I know that?  Because this time last year, I  blogged about our family trip to Cincinnati.  And here we are again.  Ah tradition!  Tradition!  Tradition!!  Traditioooooooon!!!  Oops.  “Fiddler on the Roof“.  Sorry, Topol.  I also have to tell you […]


Brown, Black, and Gray

by erin on July 31, 2012

I’ve been knitting up a storm lately, how about you? I’ve nearly finished my brown sweater.  I kept thinking, “I’ll finish today, no problem” and then was surprised that I was hardly any closer to slapping a neck on it, the shoulder shaping just. kept. going. on. and. on.  A bit of knitting quicksand, but […]


A Love Letter To The LYS

by erin on July 17, 2012

I was fortunate to get out of the humidity outside and the crazy young children inside my home this past weekend and collapse in one of the comfy chairs at Yarns Etc. There is something about walking in through the swinging glass door.  Every time, I find myself inhaling and exhaling deeply the moment my foot […]