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Tripping Along

by erin on February 12, 2013

Does anyone remember the movie “A Fish Called Wanda”?  Remember Otto and Ken and how well they got along?  Otto, played brilliantly by Kevin Cline, eggs on and torments a stuttering Ken (played by Michael Palin) until finally Ken has had enough.  He is going after Otto, and Otto utters a famous line. “It’s K-k-k-Ken […]


Done, Done, and Done.

by erin on February 5, 2013

I’m a process knitter.  I took the “quiz“, and I’m comfortable with the fact that I have anywhere between seven and four bajillion projects, all in various states of construction, on various needles (and some on waste yarn, when I’ve gotten desperate to get the needles out of it for something new to cast on). […]


Life Savers

by erin on January 15, 2013

It is a wonderful gift from the universe that I love knitting as much as I do.   I didn’t learn to knit until after my son was born.  I credit knitting with keeping my life (a life with two vibrant young children galloping in 63 different directions at once) from running off the rails.  […]