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Change Is Coming

by erin on April 30, 2013

Can I just start by telling you something that is not knitting-related and is also a little cringeworthy?   I have been…defiled…by birds three times in the past week.   Yep.  Really.     I know.  I’m all up in arms about it.  It’s not like I’m spending all day standing underneath large trees pretending […]

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Showin’ And Tellin’

by erin on April 2, 2013

  There are so many pictures in this blog post that I am really hoping none of you out there have dial-up.  Be prepared for quite the show-and-tell.   I paid my usual visit to my most favorite, hallowed, lovely place on earth (also known as the LYS) and got whacked fully in the face […]


It Is On Like Donkey Kong

by erin on November 27, 2012

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?   We sure did.  My son wanted to help in the kitchen, which was very cute and hilarious, since the chopped onions nearby were really bothering him.  He came up with a solution.   Those are my husband’s chemistry lab goggles.  He dug them out of wherever they […]



by erin on June 12, 2009

Alas, I STILL have 49 ends to weave! But I have been a busy bee. As you may know Rowan’s Wool Cotton happens to be my favorite yarn for babies, great feel, super colors and washability that doesn’t require a deal with the devil down at the crossroads. With all of that said, it is certainly […]

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