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Chugging Along

by erin on July 21, 2015

I’m on fire here, folks, and only partly because it’s hotter than Hades outside.


I finished my first knit on my Christmas 2015 knit-list.  Yes Haw!!!



This is Luxe Cowl, by Margaux Hufnagel.  I knit it up in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in a delightful warm brown (as you can well observe).  I knit it up on US 13s and blocked it out very big, as was suggested in the pattern.  I am very pleased with the result, and I hope it will be well received!


I’m hoping to keep my momentum going!  I’ve gotten to 12 inches on my mystery present, and I’m about to cast on for another project as well.

Mary also wanted to include some great pictures from her recent trip to the Dominican Republic.  She travels with a  church group that comes to do service work, and Mary brings oodles of wonderful yarn for the people to crochet and knit up.  Her pictures are so colorful and wonderful!  I am in awe of her bravery to travel and make new friends in a foreign country!





That last picture’s cracking me up!  I totally make that face too, when I eat!


I hope you all are keeping cool and working on whatever tickles your fancy!  See you next week!


Here I am!

July 15, 2015

Geez Louise, y’all.  It has been a couple of weeks, hasn’t it?  I can’t begin to tell you what went down, between finishing up my summer class (amen and hallelujah), going on a family vacation to Cincinnati (and I didn’t even get a chance to scope any local yarn stores while I was there!), and ...

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Knitting and Rock Concerts and Thunderstorms

June 24, 2015

I had a really exciting weekend last weekend, particularly last Friday night.     I got to go see Hozier at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh with these awesome fellow knitters.     We were so excited!  The weather was looking rather iffy, so I dressed in clothing and brought knitting that I wouldn’t ...

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What She Sees and What I See

June 8, 2015

My friend DJ (y’all know DJ–she works at Yarns Etc) has excellent taste in colors, which comes in extremely handy with stuff like knitting, crocheting, dyeing, picking out furniture, painting stuff, dressing yourself, and basically everything except breathing.  Now I can maintain the whole color thingy pretty well.  Give me a box of Crayola basic ...

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Can’t Talk. Too Busy Staring At The Yarn.

June 2, 2015

  Madeline Tosh has hit the stores.       I couldn’t get in there fast enough.   I may have gotten some.       Words fail me because it’s Mad Tosh.  Mad Tosh Merino Light and Sock, to be precise.     A picture’s worth a thousand words anyway, right?  

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Summer Is Coming

May 27, 2015

Anyone ever watch Game of Thrones?  Who am I kidding?!  I know there’s a bunch of people out there who know all about the different houses in that show, and their mottos.  Especially the Stark motto:  Winter Is Coming.  I can sympathize.  Except instead of fearing the snows that are deep enough to bury houses and ...

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Reunited With a Former Flame

May 21, 2015

It has been so lovely to pick up a project that’s been on pause for a few weeks.  I almost forgot the name of what I was working on!  This is Quicksilver, a design by Melanie Berg.  I am loving how the tonal warmth of Smooshy’s cayenne color is tempered by the deep blue of ...

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A Special Post From Mary

May 7, 2015

Sheep,sheep,sheep and more sheep! According to the Chinese calendar 2015 is the year of the Sheep!!!! And we are celebrating everything sheepy  in several ways. There is a long shelf over the check out counter at Yarns etc in Chapel Hill that has dozens of sheep in all shapes and sizes displayed on it. Since ...

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April 28, 2015

Um.  The semester is almost over.  I have a speech to give on Saturday, and a presentation due the Wednesday after that.  Also two exams.  I’m not even going to school full time.  My son’s birthday is coming up, and I’m trying to see if I can figure out how to make his cake look ...

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April 21, 2015

Things are continuing along at a breakneck pace around here.  My first semester back at school is roaring to the finish, and I think I blocked out forgot how teachers like to throw really big projects at everybody right at the end, and then have the finals.  I got a new computer, which delights me ...

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Yarn and yarn and flowers and yarn

April 15, 2015

Things are crazy here at home…between laryngitis last week (for me) and my son waking up with pinkeye in both eyes today, nothing is going according to plan.  Not a darn thing.   There is nothing more therapeutic on a rainy day with two children who have fistfights in the checkout line at the grocery ...

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Some Good News

March 31, 2015

Glorious day out today, isn’t it?  At least where I am.  Sunny, slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.  It’s a great day for good news.   Good News Item #1:  Mary was declared a hometown hero last week!  Huzzah!  You can listen to it right here!  So proud of our Mary!   ...

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Green for Spring, Blue for Summer

March 24, 2015

Progress continues apace on my Quicksilver.  This is one fun knit.  I am just gaga for fingering weight yarn in gorgeous colors done up in garter stitch.  And then there’s this pop of fiery orange tonal lace that just makes lose my ever-loving knitting mind.     This is true love.  I cannot wait to ...

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Reward Knitting

March 19, 2015

Have you ever put off casting on for something you really wanted to knit, or using a yarn you really wanted to knit with, until something was completed first?  Not necessarily completing another knitting project, although I’ve done that before, but until you’ve done something like take out the garbage, or re-grouted the shower, or ...

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Knitting Helps With Everything

March 10, 2015

So there is a really cool project going on that I have to tell you about: NC CLAWS inc is a local wildlife rescue organization that I have seen in action and really respect. They are prepping for Spring baby season and have put out a request for items to help. They also are asking ...

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Smug Satisfaction

February 24, 2015

See???   All the stash accumulation, all the poring over websites for patterns, running to the LYS when there’s a sale or a new shipment arrived, the fifty different colors of blue (or is that green) worsted weight wool…and yes, every single one of them is. a. different. shade.  The 4000 needles (a lot of ...

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An Ode To Socks

February 17, 2015

Here is a pair of socks, bit by bit.  Jitterbug Sock Yarn in Adonis.  Seems like good weather for some hand knit socks, am I right?     ..       Everybody has to do something to make the long tube-y bits of sock knitting fun and exciting…..stop staring at me like that!  I ...

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I Can Resist Anything Except Temptation

February 10, 2015

Really delightful yarn has come in again (YET AGAIN!) at Yarns Etc and Great Yarns this past week.  Shall I tempt you?  I believe y’all look like you could do with a little tempting.   Did someone say….Shalimar?   Shalimar Breathless.  420  yards of merino, cashmere, and silk, and the drool of whatever knitter was ...

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The Cat Takes A Better Picture Than I Do

January 27, 2015

Today I attempted to take a bunch of pictures of my beloved, most favoritest infinity scarf that I recently cast on for a few weeks ago. I’ve worn it out, and I like it quite a bit.  Taking pictures of myself in it, however, is another matter.   Here is the infinity scarf I have ...

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The Cuteness!

January 21, 2015

I was all set to post about something else this week, but then the sweetest, most cutest, most adorable thing just came in to the shop.   Everybody, stop everything you’re doing.  Put your needles down.  You need to see this.  Hey-you!  In the back!  I’m talking to you!!   Behold, the cuteness:     ...

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One Thing Finished, One Thing Started

January 13, 2015

My daughter requested a new hat.  She picked the yarn and color herself.  I wasn’t surprised by her yarn choice, but I wasn’t expecting the color.     This is a very simple hat knit up in Misti Alpaca Chunky in a pinkish chocolate shade.  Chocolate flamingo, Cafe Pepto, no idea what to call it, ...

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