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News of the Knitting World, US Edition

by erin on July 22, 2014

Thank you for tuning in today, folks.  It’s a bit of a mash-up between News of the WeirdNPR, CNN, and Reefer Madness.


Let me explain.


Wait, there is too much.  Le’me sum up. (Can anyone name that quote?)


Someone took a beautiful, knitterly stand in Vermont just prior to Independence Day when five women parked themselves in the waiting room of the Vermont Gas utility headquarters and refused to…cast off.  This was a final, woolly protest against a pipeline expansion that was in need of frogging, according to the five knitters who were arrested for trespassing when they stayed past closing time.  My favorite bit in the article is that the writer notes that one of the knitters had knitted about 8 inches on the scarf she had brought, and wondered if she was permitted to knit at the police station.  Perhaps another knitter has been converted for the cause?  It was also noted that this was one of the most civil of disobediences.  Heck, I could have told you that!  If it came to a tussle, and I was there, knitting away, would I get physical?  No way, because I wouldn’t want to drop a stitch on the fantastic protest-the-pipeline scarf I’d be working on!  Duh!


In other news, there are people out there who are getting a little…recreational, shall we say…when they are knitting and doing other craftsy things.  I have heard tales of knitters who regretted drinking and knitting (there are even bumper stickers that warn against it), but I cannot even fathom what my knitting would turn into, personally, if I did what they are doing.  The article about knitting whilst stoned even claims there’s some joy to it all.  Maybe that’d be the only way some of us could trek through miles of garter stitch or stockinette, but still!  I imagine this scenario playing out:


Knit/Stoner #1: Dude, weren’t you supposed to stop knitting on that sweater tube thingy when it was like, 15 inches long?


Knit/Stoner #2:  Du-u-u-ude!  You’re right, man.  Whoa…what is that, like, 24 feet?  I was waaaaaaasted.  Do we have any Doritos?  I’m starving!




In some places, such activities are legal, and if you can keep your knitting straight, more power to you.  I, however, have trouble watching a movie I’ve already seen twice while knitting.  I do not need any herbal assistance, thank you kindly!


In local news, there are gorgeous things coming in at your favorite local yarn stores.


This little shawlette is just the thing to keep the chill off in Berroco Linus.  It is as cute as a button!


Also filed under “Gorgeous Knits in Summery, Linen Yarns” is this tank top:


The pattern is Aviva, and it is chock full of beautiful details, knit up in Shibui linen yarn.  Check out the lace work on the sides and the decoration at the center back of the tank…


There are so many delectable yarns that are in right now, I would have to turn this news report blog post into a book in order to show you everything!



And that concludes News of the Knitting World, US Edition.  Thank you, and good night!


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