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Back on the Rails

by erin on April 29, 2016

Do you remember when I messed up my Stripes Gone Crazy cardigan?  Twice?


Me too.  I couldn’t bring myself to fix it yet again, and then the perfect day presented itself:




This is not fun, I have to say.  Pulling the circular needle out of something, especially something lightweight like fingering weight merino, feels unsettlingly like pulling the pin on a grenade.  But, in the safe haven that is Yarns Etc, all things are possible.  I had support nearby, and good lighting, and a crochet hook for those little persnickety stitches that wouldn’t go back on the needle when all was done.


Houston, we are back on the needle and hopefully not going to rip back any time soon (please, please, knitting fates, do not feel tempted).




I’m going to steel myself for the part where I take stitches on to spare yarn for the sleeves and move farther on to the actual crazy stripes bit.


And, because I am me, and I was feeling swamped with spare skeins of yarn that were too short or random to go into another project, and I seem to do this every year around my birthday, I cast on for a blanket:




Because, you know, who doesn’t roll up into a sultry spring season and say to herself, “yeah, I think I’ll cast on for a blanket!”  I’m bonkers that way.  This time I found myself looking at the array of colors I have that aren’t big enough for another project, and thinking about the way impressionist painters would layer colors that look blunt and strange up front, but are beautiful and lush from farther back.  I was thinking about these paintings in particular, and I’m still barely started on it (and at 350 stitches a row, it’ll be a while before I get an idea if this is going to work), but I’m going to aim for a blending of one color into another.


On another note, did y’all know that Great Yarns is celebrating their 30th anniversary?  Isn’t that wonderful?  There will be a celebration this Saturday with a sale of 30% off Rowan yarn as well–and there will be cake!!  Swing on by Great Yarns in Raleigh for the excellent sale and bring your party attitude!  We’d love to share this wonderful occasion with you!

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